Packaging and Label template for line of retail screws and complimentary tools
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Packaging and Label template for line of retail screws and complimentary tools By Mark Horton

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Packaging and Label template for line of retail screws and complimentary tools

Select your industry
Describe what you want designed
Like the use of icons or boxed feature call-outs to make shopping easier to find the right screw etc.

Avoid placing the Camo logo on a camouflaged pattern in future, we are moving away from this.

Go to to see our current brand, but more importantly the products - we make deck screws, including our headline 'Edge' products that include unique screws and jogs to help drive the screws into the wood, while hiding them from the surface.

The retail landscape we populate has a lot of products together - small packages stacked on top of and to the side of others. It will be important the the winner finds a style that works from a distance when there are a lot of products together, as well as finds a way to communicate the differences between similar products.

This project is to find the template, which can then be applied to 100's of products by our graphics folks.

Color themes will dictate the category - see pages 4 and 5 of the catalog:
So from a distance you see a brand statement with green, orange, blue and other colors that are recognizable as different types of screws. Then up close - there is a consistent format that allows the customer to find the specific item they need.

Then possibly icons or some other medium should help the consumer quickly find other product features:
Screw Length and Gauge
Count (qty in package)
Start Drive icon to indicate the screw driving bit that is included in the pack
Color/Other description

We will also find a consistent logo treatment, but that is outside the scope of this project.

Die lines (package sizes) some in a few sizes (high x wide inches) - 3x3, 1.5 x 11 (wrap around 3 sides of a short box), 1.25 x 3 and 3x5.
Describe activities of your organization or product and targeted audience.
We make screws and tools that aid screw placement. We are in the residential home construction industry and so need to be a serious brand, aligned with DeWalt, Catapillar and other 'builder' type brands.
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  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Ai
  • (4) Png

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